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DIY in no time at all!


With Modes like Dropshot, Jumpshot, , Akimbo, Autoaim  and much more, you can see this mod has it all! On our last chip we loved to boast how our rapidfire is smoother and faster than any other sellers..well yet again this chip takes that to a whole new level! As always, proving we are the best on eBay and maybe the world, for Rapidfire Controllers!


I know thats a bold statement to make but just compare the modes on this controller to any other and you will see theres none out there that offer all these modes in one mod. This mod has modes never before seen, we have created some seriously one of a kind tricks to help up your game and to make it even better, we sell at the same price (OR CHEAPER) than the other sellers’ outdated mods!!


Our world exclusive mod has been made by the worlds greatest team of coders, we compiled a list of what our customers ACTUALLY want instead of filling the mod with unused modes like other sellers do. We have added a new feature that allows the user to enable/disable mods to the modes they’re using. Easily the best Rapidfire controller on the market today!


Our Anarchy mod has 9 of the best modes, or with the ability to add jumpshot and dropshot to any mode, 36 combinations. We have worked hard to make sure this mod is not only easy to install but easy to use too. It has some of the most sort after modes available all combined with our coding technology, which is unrivalled. Our mods are developed in house by our professional programmers that are constantly designing mods for the most current games.

X-Mods is on a mission to create the best mods around at unbeatable prices. Although we have had interest in the past, this is the first time we have released a mod kit to the public.
We wanted to create something that was not only easy to install but kept costs to a minimum for customers that are on a budget or just wanted to give this a try themselves.

This mod chip works with all versions of the original Xbox One controller, their model numbers, which can be found on the sticker in the battery compartment are 1708/1537/1697/1698.

The Mode List
Mode 1 -:- Rapid fire – turns semi automatic weapons into fully automatic
Mode 2 -:- Akimbo – rapid fire on both triggers
Mode 3 -:- Akimbo mimic – hold RT to engage rapid fire on both triggers
Mode 4 -:- 3 shot burst for automatic weapons – changes an automatic weapon into a burst weapon
Mode 5 -:- Autoaim mode with rapid fire – locks on to the nearest target within range, rapid fire enabled (offline only)
Mode 6 -:- Autoaim without rapid fire – locks on to the nearest target (to be used with automatic weapons, offline only)
Mode 7 -:- Auto Scope with rapid fire – holding RT automatically pulls LT
Mode 8 -:- Auto Scope without rapid fire – as above, to be used with automatic weapons
Mode 9 -:- Mode without rapid fire so you can have jumpshot or dropshot on its own or together.


To change modes you hold LT tap sync, each time you do this you start from mode 1. So if you’re unsure which mode you are in, simply enter it again as it only takes a second.


To enable Jumpshot while in a mode: hold A and tap SYNC
To enable Dropshot while in a mode: hold B and tap SYNC


Jumpshot and Dropshot have LT Cancellation which means if you pull LT first, it will cancel the command. Great for times you dont want to jump or drop, like if you’re behind cover.

Package Contains:
1: Anarchy Mod Chip
2: 30awg Kynar wire
3: Instructions
4: Double sided tape
Tools Needed (not included):
1: T8 Screwdriver – To remove outer shell
2: T6 Screwdriver – To remove pcb screws
3: Soldering Iron and Solder – Below 250c (10-15w) any higher may damage pcb
4: Wire Strippers
5: Hot glue gun – to glue wires in place (not a necessity)


We only recommend doing this modification if you have experience with electronics and the use of a soldering iron.
Undertaking this modification is done at your OWN risk!
X-Mods does NOT take any responsibility to any damage caused to your controller, your console, nor yourself or any equipment.
We will NOT replace broken controllers which you have damaged following this guide, you work on the controller at your own risk.
We will NOT replace kits which have been damaged during the installation process, although we will try to help you the best we can.


If you are struggling or have any problems, get in touch with us before going any further, we are here to help.
For questions email us at – Sending pictures with your support request will help us to help you quickly.


Plus much more! All modes are adjustable which make this mod compatible with ALL games, past, present and future!

The Mod in Action

Please take a look at our facebook page for updates, videos and much more. Just search xmodscontrollers

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