Up Your Game with X-Mods Controllers!


Swap out the standard white LED for a burst of vibrant colour!

Experience lightning-fast response times with this Upgrade. Say goodbye to trigger travel with a choice to eliminate it completely or reduce it by 50%.

Transform your standard ABXY buttons with our innovative mouse click button upgrade. Say goodbye to excess travel and hello to lightning-fast response times.

Discover the secret behind pro gamers’ incredible jumpshots, lightning-quick slide reloads, and rapid weapon swaps. ProTouch Buttons make it all possible, without ever lifting your thumbs from the sticks!

Discover the secret behind pro gamers’ incredible jumpshots, lightning-quick slide reloads, and rapid weapon swaps. ProTouch Buttons make it all possible, without ever lifting your thumbs from the sticks!

While standard setups use the sync button, our dedicated rear controller button ensures quick, hassle-free mod adjustments.

Shed 50g: Rumble Motor Removal for a Lighter Controller

Extend your warranty to 12 months from the date of purchase.




Experience the ultimate mod with a staggering selection of 15 primary modes and 15 sub modes. Seamlessly switch between them by simply holding Y and tapping the sync button. But wait, there’s more! Our mod is jam-packed with an extensive range of features, including the ability to enable power-ups in almost every mode. Prepare to unlock a new level of gaming excellence with this feature-rich mod.

Power ups: Anti Recoil, Jumpshot, Dropshot and Autorun


Welcome to X-Mods, where staying ahead of the competition is our top priority, ensuring you always have the edge over your opponents. As pioneers in the industry since 2010, we pride ourselves on being a customer-centric company that goes beyond just sales. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide unbeatable mods at the best prices around.

anti recoil

Our Anti Recoil feature transforms even the most challenging weapons into manageable powerhouses. With full adjustability, you can fine-tune it to handle weapons with excessive recoil or tone it down for others, effectively eliminating recoil across the board. Embrace precise control and conquer your foes without the hindrance of recoil.

Slide Cancel

Unlock the prowess of Slide Cancel and navigate the map with the agility of a pro, ensuring you never exhaust your stamina. Seamlessly glide through your surroundings, maintaining peak performance and maintaining a competitive edge. Master the art of movement and dominate the battlefield like never before with Slide Cancel.

Autoaim headshot

Witness the next-level evolution of our Autoaim feature, now enhanced with an exclusive headshot function. Unleash your full potential in Zombies, where you can amass an impressive points haul. Whether you’re opening doors or obliterating obstacles, your points will soar while your friends shower you with gratitude. This feature isn’t limited to Zombies alone—it works seamlessly in Campaign and other modes with LT aim assist. Prepare for unprecedented precision and accolades that will last a lifetime!

mod button

A solution to the desyncing issue caused by rapid mode changes.  To overcome this, we offer an optional dedicated mod button at the back of the controller. This button ensures smooth and uninterrupted mode transitions, eliminating any frustrations. Please note that without the mod button, mode changes should be done at a slower pace, around one press per second. Choose convenience and optimal performance with our Mod Button.

Embrace the classics that never go out of style! If you enjoy the thrill of running and gunning, combine Jumpshot with Dropshot to keep your adversaries guessing. In an instant, you’ll transition from airborne to grounded, leaving your opponents bewildered and struggling to find their target.  Stay one step ahead and dominate the battlefield with unmatched agility and strategy.

Are you a sniper at heart? Look no further, as we offer a wide range of sniper-focused modes to enhance your gameplay. Experience the thrill of Quickscope, Doubleshot, and Sniperbreath modes designed specifically for sharpshooters like you. Take aim with precision, strike swiftly, and dominate the battlefield.

Rapid fire is fully adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune to minimum intervals of 0.1 shots per second. Our modes also boast the remarkable “Left Trigger (LT) cancellation” feature. This innovative addition ensures seamless functionality, enabling you to take shots while safely positioned behind cover or simply aiming without the risk of unintended consequences. We take pride in being the pioneers of this incredible feature, setting new standards in mod technology.

Auto-aim modes are designed for offline play. Enjoy the benefits of this feature in game modes such as Zombies, Campaign, and Spec Ops. Enhance your gaming experience and immerse yourself in thrilling solo adventures or cooperative gameplay scenarios. Engage in intense battles with confidence, knowing that our auto-aim modes are at your disposal.

Every controller is accompanied by comprehensive instructions to assist you in setting up and utilizing its features effectively. In addition, we provide multiple avenues of support to address any queries or concerns you may have. You’ll find our phone number, Facebook page, and email address readily available for easy access. We encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation should you require any assistance. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to ensure your gaming experience is nothing short of exceptional.

extended warranty

When purchasing a controller from us, you have the option to extend your warranty to 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers internal parts and ensures that any faults arising from normal use will be repaired or replaced. The warranty does not cover custom shells, buttons, or thumbsticks, but we may offer replacement options for a fee if available. If your controller is beyond repair, we’ll provide a suitable replacement. 



Brace yourself for a mod that goes above and beyond, featuring Anti Recoil, along with our X-Mods exclusives like Slide Cancel, Autoaim Headshot, ABXY Turbo, and all your favorite classics like Jumpshot, Dropshot, Akimbo, and more! Prepare to revolutionize your gameplay with this unrivaled beast that will leave you in awe. Rapidfire has never been smoother or faster, with cleaner and more responsive functions that take your skills to new heights. And the best part? It’s incredibly user-friendly! Don’t miss out on this must-have mod that will redefine your gaming experience!



Dare to believe the bold claim, as our mod undeniably outshines the competition. A mere comparison between the multitude of modes on our controller and any other will reveal the unmatched versatility found in our all-in-one package. We’ve pushed the boundaries by crafting groundbreaking modes that have never been seen before, allowing you to revel in the realm of truly extraordinary gaming techniques. And to top it all off, our mod proudly boasts the distinction of being the sole contender equipped with anti-recoil functionality. Elevate your game like never before!



Meticulously crafted by the most exceptional team of coders. We devoted countless hours to curate a comprehensive list of features based on our customers’ actual desires, resulting in an astounding collection of 30 modes and the capability to incorporate any of the 4 Power Ups to further enhance these modes. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and unparalleled functionality, this mod stands as the epitome of excellence. Without a doubt, it reigns as the finest rapid-fire controller available in the market today. Experience gaming at its absolute peak!

Works with the games below & more